JetClean 1.4

System optimization tool that detects problems and removes files

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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JetClean 1.4
JetClean Beta 1.0

JetClean is a one-click solution that can clean and optimize your PC.

JetClean is a suite of Windows utilities that can clean and tune up your computer. You don’t have to use JetClean as a toolbox, however, thanks to one-click operation. It’s just one click to scan your PC and repair errors and make optimizations. Advanced users can choose to repair in an itemized fashion, and it’s also an option to use any of the tools in the suite as a standalone utility.

JetClean also features a powerful configuration tool that you cannot only use to tweak individual tools but to dictate one-click behavior. Perhaps you prefer not to have your registry defragged. Simply disable it, and JetClean will no longer activate it during one-click tune-up.

The main tools included in the PC clean-up toolbox are a registry cleaner, a Windows cleaner, a shortcuts cleaner, an application cleaner and a RAM cleaner. The registry component scans your registry and can automatically remove dead entries or point incorrect entries to accurate resources. The Windows cleaner can eliminate unneeded Windows Update files, restore points and so on. The shortcut cleaner identifies shortcuts that no longer point at anything tangible. The application cleaner cleans up after uninstalls and rids your PC of data you no longer need. The RAM cleaner is mostly used as needed to clean abandoned memory and to defragment memory.

The main tools included in the PC tune-up toolbox are a system information tool, startup optimizer, registry defragger, Internet booster, performance booster and a portable option. The system information tool is a handy way to get details about your PC and can be used as a reference for other information the suite may provide you. The startup optimizer simplifies determining what does and doesn’t load when Windows boots. The registry defragger works to make the on-disk registry footprint as small as possible. The Internet booster can optimize your PC to take greater advantage of your ISP. The performance booster provides easy access to a host of seemingly hidden Windows tweaks, and the portable option lets you take this toolbox wherever you go on a USB flash drive.

The latest released version of JetClean is Windows 8 compatible. There’s no word on whether a Windows 10 update is coming. While you can use JetClean with Windows 10 in compatibility mode without issue for many purposes, it’s not supported in any official capacity. It’s also worth noting that JetClean has a custom UI that would look more at home on a Mac than a Windows PC. It’s not a deal-breaker, and the UI is reasonably functional and well-organized, but you’d think such a Windows-centric program would be more Windows-oriented.


  • One-click PC clean-up
  • One-click PC tune-up


  • Custom UI

JetClean is a simple to use utility that is designed to remove all the file clutter and errors that slow down an older PC.

JetClean handles a problem that many Windows users have by emptying out all the artifacts of use that start to slow down a Windows based computer. The program searches through a slow computer and finds things like registry errors, temporary Internet files, broken short-cuts and damaged files. It then deletes everything the computer doesn't need. JetClean also clears out cookies and saved passwords as well as the user's Internet browser and search histories to preserve privacy. Finally, JetClean performs a memory dump that fixes slowdown from memory artifacts left by poorly written programs.

JetClean is designed to be simple to use and easy to change. Users can choose to keep things like passwords if they want to or simply press one button to clean the entire computer at once. The program comes with options for setting up an automatic cleaning cycle to be performed regularly at a designated time as well, so a computer that has been cleaned out once won't lose its new gains as time goes on and new clutter builds up. JetClean even performs a backup of all the changes it makes so users have the option of undoing anything that causes an unforeseen issue.

JetClean is a great option for Windows users that are starting to notice system slowdown. With a variety of options for cleaning out old files and protecting privacy, this easy to use tool offers everything that is necessary for keeping a computer running well. Consider JetClean for fast and simple computer optimization that also helps to protect the user's privacy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Scheduling options to make cleaning regular.
  • Protects private data intentionally.


  • Simple one button delete may catch something important.
  • Some of the options that are on by default can be problematic for some users.

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